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I remember the days when there was no social media - people would just text each other or even talk to one and another. I was just in the middle of my Masters when suddenly "Facebook" came along. At first I tried to ignore it, that weird face on "The Facebook" annoyed me, so whenever people started talking about it I just irgnored them too. I thought it was a phase people where going through and it would soon disappear.


The first time I noticed that "Facebook" was more than just another "Myspace" is when people started telling each other that they would "Facebook" each other - not text - as they used too! And look at it now - it has taken over the world.   I only noticed "Twitter" when the US Airways Flight 1549 crashed into the Hudson river!  Media outlets suddenly started talking about a new service called "Twitter" and people on the plane had been using it to "tweet" about the incident!


If anybody in the UK would have come up with the idea of creating a service that would allow you only to use 140 characters, then you would have been declared insane! Image the laughter and looks the guys at "Dragons Den" would have given anyone that would have come up with such an idea!


So what can it do for you?


Now that is a very valid and important question. What can social media actually do for your business? It short I would say it will allow you to communicate and interact with your clients on a more personal level. You will be able "follow" individual people or businesses of interest and receive a insight into their "daily life". One of the most important aspects, in my view, is the ability to promote yourself or your business.  While doing so you will be able to link SEO - Search Engine Optimisation to SEM - Search Engine Marketing - enhancing your online visibitly.  Not matter what - it will require input and time - it is not something that will change or affect your business over night. You will need to work on it over a longer period of time.

Social media allows non-technical web users to easily create and distribute content on a rapidly growing number of platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram and Linkedin - just to name a few.  Have a look at the statistic below, then you might realise just how big social media has become.

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UK Social Media Marketing

UK Social Media Marketing

UK Social Media Marketing

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